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Coast Pay's Visa Fleet And Fuel Card

The smart Visa fuel card for all your fleet expenses

Control and track drivers’ spend on fuel, maintenance, parking, car washes, and more with precise card limits and reporting.

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Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters
Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
Coast Customer: Proformance Roofing

A simple card and smart platform for fleets of all shapes and sizes

Whether your business operates five vehicles or 500, from home services to trucking, Coast can help you track expenses, save time, and boost profits.

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The universally accepted fleet card

Coast can be used wherever Visa is accepted, helping your business save time and money.

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Coast Pay's Customers
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20K annual savings

"After seven years, [our previous fuel card company] still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month."

Christian S.
Manager, Cam Energy (Brooklyn, NY)
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Accepted anywhere

Unlike many other fleet card providers, you can use Coast at any gas station where Visa is accepted.


Get rewarded

Boost your bottom line with 2¢ off per gallon and a $100 bonus for signing up.*


No hidden fees

Simple, low subscription pricing that’s easy to understand — no hidden fees or gotchas.

It’s your turn to set the rules and end wasteful spending

Set limits, manage automatic approval rules, or authorize one-off purchases in seconds.

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Set limits

Order and assign cards

Authorize payments

Track every single dollar

Coast’s simple spend management dashboard lets you see purchase details, which means more trust and more profit, all while saving you time.

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No hidden fees — get rewarded instead

We’ll never charge you any hidden fees. Instead, receive 2¢ off per gallon, with no minimum purchase required. We also offer sign up and referral bonuses.


Customer Stories

What our customers say about us

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Our previous vendor was charging us $1600 every month in fuel card fees. After we moved over to Coast, those fees weren’t there anymore.
Christian S.CAM Energy
It wasn’t convenient to have to find a BP station every time my drivers needed to fill up when we had a BP card. I needed a fuel card my drivers could use without having to search for a specific gas station. Using Coast cuts out all that wasted time and helps my drivers complete jobs faster.
DeAnn G.C. W. Austin, Shredding Company

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Fleet And Fuel Cards And Expense Management
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Coast Pay's Visa Fleet And Fuel Card

Meet the smartest Visa fleet and fuel card yet

Easily control and track spending with Coast — the fair and flexible fleet card.

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  • Visa acceptance
  • No personal guarantee
  • Fair and transparent fees
  • Fleet And Fuel Expense Management

    Fair, transparent fleet and fuel payments

    With Coast, you know exactly what you’re getting with fair and transparent pricing. Plus, you get 2¢ off every gallon on your statement, no matter where you fill up, and 1% cashback anywhere else, with no minimum purchase required.

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    Per active user, per month

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      2¢ off per gallon†

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      No personal guarantee

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      1% back anywhere else