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Connect Coast to your fleet management tools

Streamline your fleet management and payments by connecting Coast to the tools you use and love, such as telematics, fleet management or accounting softwares.
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Get better protected against fraud with GPS controls

With the Samsara integration, block suspicious fuel transactions happening away from your vehicles and automatically collect odometer data for better fuel efficiency insights.

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Close your books faster

Coast will help you integrate the software you can’t do without. We’ll sync your account with Xero or Quickbooks — so you can keep more accurate books with detailed purchase data from Coast.

fleetio module

Optimize your fuel usage with Coast and Fleetio

Connect Coast to your fleet management software to understand and improve your fuel efficiency. Your fuel transactions are automatically imported every day into Fleetio, giving you insights such as miles per gallon or cost per mile of your vehicles.

Coming soon: Insights powered by telematics data

By combining payment activity with vehicle telematics data, you’ll have even more protection from unauthorized purchases. With automated odometer and fuel gauge capture, you’ll know exactly when and where drivers are making purchases.

A simple card and smart platform for fleets of all shapes and sizes

Whether your business operates five vehicles or 500, from home services to trucking, Coast can help you track expenses, save time, and boost profits.