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How GWT Saves $20k on Monthly Fleet Expenses Using Coast

Since transitioning to Coast, GWT has experienced a significant improvement in its fleet management processes.


Jeff Greene is the founder and president of Greene Worldwide Transportation (GWT) and GCL Coaches, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of leadership in various industry associations. GWT, under Jeff’s guidance, prioritized optimizing its fleet operations to enhance efficiency and cut costs.

Reporting Roadblocks and More: GWT’s Quest for Better Insight into Fleet Expenses

Before implementing Coast, GWT utilized another fleet card, which presented various challenges ranging from poor customer service to limited reporting capabilities. Jeff found himself dissatisfied with the lackluster performance of the previous system, which hindered the company’s ability to effectively manage fleet expenses.

“The customer service was not very good,” Jeff says about his previous fuel card. “The dashboards and reporting were not very good. And when logging on to the website, here were a lot of delays – finding the information you needed was very difficult. And any time we had to get cards replaced, it took forever to get them replaced.”

Since transitioning to Coast, GWT has experienced a significant improvement in its fleet management processes. The Coast platform offered superior reporting features, streamlined processes, and exceptional customer service, enabling Jeff and his team to gain better control over their fleet expenses.

Managing Fleet Expenses With Enhanced Reporting and Security Measures

For GWT, one of the standout features of Coast is its comprehensive reporting capabilities. Unlike the previous fleet card provider, Coast provides detailed reports on fuel grades, immediate notifications of wrong fuel usage, and streamlined IFTA reporting. This level of transparency empowers GWT to make informed decisions and identify potential areas for cost optimization.

Coast’s robust security measures have proven invaluable in combating fraud and unauthorized vehicle usage. By integrating Coast with Samsara fleet controls, GWT can monitor vehicle proximity, track fuel usage accurately, and mitigate fraudulent activities effectively. This integration has not only enhanced security but also improved overall fleet accountability and compliance.

Jeff and his team have found Coast to be incredibly user friendly, with a seamless interface that facilitates quick and efficient fleet and fuel management. From adding or removing drivers to updating fleet information, Coast simplifies fuel card program management, allowing GWT to focus on core operations.

From Fleet Expenses to Cost Savings

Most importantly, the switch to Coast has translated into tangible cost savings for GWT. By conducting a thorough comparison, Jeff discovered that GWT now saves between eight to ten percent on monthly fuel expenses, amounting to substantial savings ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. These savings underscore the significant impact that effective fleet management, including a smart fuel card, can have on the bottom line. 

“After going back and looking and checking, we actually terminated one of the drivers because it became very obvious that he was trying to bypass the system,” says Jeff. “But the security measures in place with Coast alerted us and made it virtually impossible for him to misuse the card.”

GWT’s success story highlights the importance of leveraging innovative fleet management solutions, including a smart fuel card, to optimize expenses and drive operational efficiency. By embracing Coast, Jeff Greene and his team have unlocked a new level of control and savings in their fleet operations. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of fleet management, solutions like Coast offer a pathway to sustainable cost reduction and enhanced profitability.

Three Ways Coast Can Help Your Team Manage Fleet Expenses


Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Coast offers real-time transaction monitoring to effectively manage fleet expenses. Administrators can track details like fuel grade, number of gallons, and gas station location. All data is conveniently accessible through the user-friendly admin portal, allowing for streamlined expense management and fuel usage reporting.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Coast customers often say that prior to switching fuel cards, persistent fuel fraud contributed to ballooning fleet expenses. Coast’s proprietary SMS check-in system and chip-enabled cards help prevent unauthorized usage and fraudulent purchases. Additionally, users can benefit from up to $25,000 fuel fraud protection when Coast’s unique security settings are enabled. 

Integrations With Your Fleet Tools

Coast integrates with top telematics providers so users can proactively block suspicious fuel transactions occurring outside their vehicles, ensuring greater control and security. Additionally, the ability to import fuel transactions into the telematics solution streamlines data management, while automatically collecting odometer data helps gain valuable insights into fuel efficiency and overall fleet expenses.

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