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The smart Visa fuel card to cut costs and get more done

Make fuel theft and overspending a thing of the past with a fuel card proven to reduce customer fuel bills by an average of 10%¹. Our modern software makes tracking spend, issuing cards, and closing your books easier and faster than before.

  • VISA acceptance
  • US-based customer service
  • Rebates & cashback
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The cost of your old fuel card is too high

If you’re tired of the ongoing fuel program abuse, tedious card management, outrageous fees, and sitting on hold for hours, we’ve built Coast for you. Take back control with modern easy-to-use software, better security and visibility, responsive US-based customer service, fair fees, and generous rewards.

Stop fraud and abuse fast

Powerful rules, GPS auto-decline, and unique driver verification for guaranteed protection.

Elevate your fleet management

Accurate data, integrations with top-notch fleet software, and custom alerts to upgrade your operations.

Real rebates on every gallon. No tiers.

4¢-10¢ per gallon at partner brands and 2¢ on every other gallon on your statement.

One Visa card for fuel and field expenses

Coast can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Use Coast for fuel only or unlock for business expenses with precise limits and controls. 

Ultra-secure Visa fuel card. So secure, we guarantee it.2

Make fuel fraud and overspending a thing of the past with a smarter fuel card that truly adapts to your business, so you can trust your fleet expenses are under control.

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Precise and customizable spending rules

Coast’s unique driver verification ensures that you always know the actual driver and vehicle for every transaction. Combined with precise and powerful spending rules, you can finally put a stop to wasteful spending.


The Coast fuel
fraud guarantee

We believe that we’ve built the most secure fuel card on the market, protecting your business from all fraud and misuse. Enable our unique security features to be protected by up to $25,000 per year against fuel card fraud².

Guaranteed Protection

Fleets like yours rate us 5 stars.

Try Coast and find out why owners, CFOs, controllers, and fleet managers consistently rate it five stars for value for money, ease of use, and customer service.

Coast has saved us thousands

“Coast has saved us thousands by eliminating fuel fraud and misuse. Plus, their system is easier to use.”

Jeff N, President

Limousine Company

The best fuel card

“Coast is easy to deploy, easy to use, and more secure than traditional cards.”

Dauphin E, CEO

Pest Control Company

Happy with switch from WEX

“We moved from Wex and are enjoying the user friendly product and we love the rebates on the gas.”

Michael T, Controller


Fantastic fuel card & more

"Being able to uniquely control fuel purchases as well as other categories (like parking) has been a game changer for our workflows."

Chris M, Controller

Construction Company

Working with Coast has been a refreshing change

"The statement is easy to read and I don't waste time deciphering my charges."

Lori S, Owner

Medical Devices Manufacturer

We are so glad we switched from Fuelman!

"The Coast Program is so easy to use. It is very versatile and adaptable to your business."

Gina B, Manager

Plumbing Company

Best fleet fuel company ever

"We are able to fuel at any station allowing our drivers to stay on track and on progress with their schedules and projects."

Tammie B, Account Manager

Building Materials Company

Coast was quick and easy to implement

"Our guys hate new programs and many of them have complimented this one."

Michelle M, Accounting Manager/HR

Construction Company

Coast has been an amazing asset to our business

"Efficient and flexible program that has cut our costs from other fleet/fuel programs."

Tammie B, Account Manager

Building Materials Company


"Coast has transformed our fuel management and spending habits!"

Natascha C, Administrator

Construction Company

Excellent fuel, maintenance and supply card

"Cost effective card with great customer service. Easy to use."

Gary M, President

Individual & Family Services

Easy to set up, easy to use

"I like that I can opt for text alerts when cards are used and also the account dashboard is easy to understand."

Paige H, Owner

Construction Company

Bring your fleet management to the next level

Track and optimize your fleet efficiency with more accurate data, flexible reporting and powerful integrations.

Better fleet data at your fingertips

Make better decisions for your fleet with accurate and real-time data. Get spend insights automatically delivered to your inbox, monitor trends with intuitive dashboards, and access granular transaction reports when you need to dig deeper.

Powerful integrations
with all your fleet tools

Coast works even better when connected to the tools you use to manage your fleet. Send your fuel transactions to your fleet management solution and make your card even more secure by blocking suspicious transactions, based on GPS data from your telematics provider.

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One card for all your employee and business expenses

One card for all your employee and business expenses

Go beyond the limits of your corporate card. Control employee and business expenses, ensure compliance, and automate your financial processes.

  • Fuel card
  • Expense card
  • Corporate card

Precise controls by merchant category

Allocate travel stipends to your sales team going to a conference, while preventing technicians from spending on the job.

Office Policy

Stop chasing receipts and memos

Collect receipts, job numbers, and memos on transactions automatically

Integrate with accounting system

Close your books faster by automatically syncing your Coast transactions with your accounting system.

Accounting System

Get exclusive
discounts from our
large partner network

  • Save 2¢-10¢ per gallon everywhere*
  • Earn 1% cash back on fleet expenses*
  • Save on tires, oil changes, and more


Save 15% on oil changes

Exxon logo


Save 4¢ per gallon*

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Save 6¢-8¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast and Houston, TX

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Save 6¢-8¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast



Save 10% on maintenance and oil changes

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Save 6¢-8¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast

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Save 7¢ per gallon



Save 6¢-8¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast

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Save 8¢-10¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast and Houston, TX

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Save 6¢-8¢ per gallon

at participating stations in the Northeast



Save on tires and more



Save up to 10%

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions? We’ve got you covered!

  • How is a fuel card different from a general corporate card?

    A fuel card allows businesses to:

    • Enable their drivers to make purchases without having to use cash, checks, or a personal credit card
    • Control purchasing by driver and limit transactions by frequency, amount, or day
    • See purchase details for transactions with line-item details, like the grade of fuel and number of gallons
    • Monitor, manage, and control costs associated with the vehicles in the fleet
  • What are the benefits of a fuel card?

    The benefits of fleet and fuel cards have expanded over the years. With a 21st century fleet card, you can:

    • Pay for fuel
    • Monitor charges wherever your drivers are
    • Approve expenses in real time
    • Control spending for individual vehicles or the entire fleet
    • Avoid having to use cash, checks, or personal credit cards
    • Add a layer of security to your spending

    While some fuel cards can only be used at certain gas stations, the Coast card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. For business owners and fleet managers, that means more efficient operations.

  • How can a fuel card program improve overall fleet management?

    Fleet management is the process you use to coordinate, administer, and direct the vehicles, operators, and support staff that make the day-to-day operation of your business possible.

    But fleet management is more than telematics —it also includes fleet expense management. In fact, tracking and controlling spending is one of the most important parts of the fleet management equation.

    When you use a fuel card program to monitor expenses, you can learn what steps to take to better manage your fleet, cut costs, and improve productivity.

  • What is a fuel management program?

    A fuel management program is a system of dos, don’ts, and processes that help your business reduce the cost and consumption of vehicle fuel — whether it’s gasoline, diesel, electric, or something else entirely.

    A strong fuel management program, like Coast, equips managers to control the way their fleet buys fuel, reduce misuse in the process, and provide robust reporting to connect every transaction to vehicle, driver, and MPG.

  • How does Coast's fleet card program compare to other fleet card programs?

    Coast offers a sophisticated expense management platform and the Coast Visa fleet and fuel card, providing richer controls and reporting than many other fleet card programs.

    In addition, Coast is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa, so your drivers don’t have to go out of their way to purchase fuel.

    Our pricing is fair and transparent , we don’t require a personal guarantee from business owners, and we’re constantly building solutions to help improve your fleet operations.