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Fleet and fuel cards for small business

The fleet and fuel card designed specifically for the way you work. Control and track spending with Coast — the small business fleet solution for the 21st century.
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Why small businesses choose Coast

Small business gas card benefits

Small businesses choose the Coast fleet and fuel card and its suite of fleet solutions because of the many benefits it has to offer, especially when it comes to taking care of your unique needs. Whether it’s setup, troubleshooting, or anything else, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness. No phone trees, no ghosting.

Drivers can use the Coast card wherever Visa is accepted. And, with Coast, you can take full control of your fleet spending — set limits, issue cards, and authorize payments in just a few clicks.


Gas savings for small businesses

The Coast small business fleet and fuel card does more than give you freedom and control. It also helps you save money on fuel.

Every Coast card holder gets the same $0.02 off per gallon on their statement, no matter the size of the business.


Product Details

Max spend limits

Every Coast small business fleet and fuel card gives you the power to control spending — wherever your drivers may be.
Set max spend limits on fuel-only purchases (with more categories to come), block transactions, and flag them for review so your business can spend less at the pump.


Security features

All Coast fleet and fuel cards come with advanced security, including:

  • A chip in every card
  • Instant alerts for suspicious transactions
  • The ability to lock cards in one click through the admin portal

And, with our suite of fleet solutions, there are no premiums for this peace of mind.


Detailed reports

With the Coast small business fleet and fuel card, your fleet expenses are at your fingertips — whenever and wherever you need them.
Our easy-to-use spend management platform provides detailed reporting and full visibility into every dollar your fleet is spending.


Small Business Fuel Card Features


Universal acceptance

You can use the Coast card for fleet and fuel expenses where Visa is accepted.


Fair and transparent fees

Our fleet and fuel card comes with fair, transparent, and easy-to-understand terms — no hidden fees or gotchas.


Any small business can use the Coast fleet and fuel card

The Coast fleet and fuel card is easy to set up and easy to use no matter how many vehicles you operate or how far they travel.

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Types of small businesses that can benefit from fuel cards



Plumbing businesses of all sizes can benefit from using a small business fuel card — even if they only have a few vehicles right now.



Landscaping professionals are constantly on the go with heavy loads and lots of tools. The savings they can enjoy with a small business fleet solution like Coast can help them maximize profits and make every dollar go further.



HVAC technicians rely on their vehicles to get them where they need to go quickly and on time. They don’t need to waste precious minutes going out of their way to purchase fuel. The Coast fleet and fuel card gives them the freedom to fill up wherever it’s most convenient.

Fuel any
small business

National and local gas stations

With the Coast small business fleet and fuel card, your fleet can purchase fuel anywhere, at national chains and local gas stations alike.

That gives your drivers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best fuel at the best price while staying as close to their optimal route as possible.


Small Business
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a small business fuel card and why do you need one?

    A small business fuel card is an easy method for vehicle operators and fleet managers to:

    • Pay for fuel
    • Monitor charges wherever your drivers are
    • Approve expenses in real time
    • Control costs for individual vehicles or the entire fleet
    • Avoid having to use cash, checks, or personal credit cards
    • Add a layer of security to your spending

    While some fuel cards can only be used at certain gas stations, the Coast small business fleet and fuel card can be used practically anywhere. For fleet operators, that flexibility makes them more efficient and simplifies their trip.

  • What are the requirements for a small business fuel card?

    The requirements for a small business fuel card vary from provider to provider. But, with the Coast small business fleet and fuel card, the requirements are simple.

    Your business must be organized as a corporation, LLC, or partnership (no sole proprietorships at this time), and approval is subject to a fast and convenient online application process and evaluation.

    If you’re unsure about whether Coast is right for you, please email us at or give us a call at 833-COAST01.

  • Are gas cards good for building business credit?

    Small business gas cards are a good way to build business credit. With the Coast fleet and fuel card, you can even earn discounts and rewards every time your drivers fill up.

  • Are small business gas cards worth it?

    Small business gas cards are beneficial if you want to maximize the way your fleet operates, control spending, and otherwise manage your fleet more efficiently. 

    The visibility and control your business receives through the Coast suite of small business fleet solutions, for example, make fuel and fleet management easier than ever before.

  • How many employees can use a small business fuel card?

    The number of employees that can use a small business fuel card varies depending on which fuel card company you choose. Some issue one card per driver or vehicle, while others issue only a specific maximum amount. 

    All Coast fleet and fuel cards are printed with the name of your company and a unique six-character Card ID. Cards are not issued in the name of specific vehicles or drivers.

    Each card you receive can be used by any employee while driving any vehicle. Our software allows you to control and have visibility on spending regardless of which card your employees use.

  • What types of small businesses would benefit from a gas card?

    Any type of business (small or large) that operates vehicles locally or over the road can benefit from using a small business gas card.