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Spend Reporting

Your fleet expenses at your fingertips

Coast's easy-to-use spend management platform puts your entire fleet in your hands, with full visibility into every dollar you're spending on your fleet.
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Digital transaction details

See the details of every fuel purchase and achieve greater transparency with your fleet.

Expenses made easy

Track your fleet’s every expense so you can see where to save.

Take back your time

Time is money. Coast helps you close your books faster.

See where every dollar goes

Need help monitoring payments? Coast lets you see line item purchase details, so you can build trust and profit. We also allow fuel-only options, ensuring drivers pay for fuel and nothing else.

One place, for everything

Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork. Whether your business operates five vehicles or 500, Coast’s dashboard shows you exactly what’s happening with your fleet, every second of the day.

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Close your books faster

Import your Coast transactions effortlessly into QuickBooks Online, so you can keep more accurate books with detailed purchase data from Coast.

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Insights powered by telematics data

By combining payment activity with vehicle telematics data, you’ll have even more protection from unauthorized purchases. With automated odometer capture, you’ll know exactly when and where drivers are making purchases.