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Connect Fleetio to Coast and optimize your fuel efficiency

Automatically import your fuel data into Fleetio to optimize your fuel efficiency and understand how fuel contributes to your fleet spending.

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Operating and running a modern and efficient fleet requires a variety of tools: a fleet card to pay for fuel and vehicle expenses, a fleet management software to keep track of vehicle maintenance, telematics to monitor routes, accounting or payroll. While powerful separately, these tools become even more valuable when they interact with each other. Combined together, these tools provide more insights, better visibility and more generally allow fleet managers to streamline their operations.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce today our first integration: our users can now connect Coast to Fleetio, a leading fleet management software. For this first integration, Fleetio was the obvious choice. It’s the tool that our users requested the most. Fleetio and Coast also share the same mission: simplifying fleet management and helping businesses optimize their fleet costs, thanks to customer-centric and modern software solutions.

As a Fleetio customer, you can now gain valuable insights into your fuel spend and optimize your fleet expenses by connecting Coast for free to Fleetio. Centralize your fuel information on Fleetio and get complete visibility over your vehicle spend. Optimize your vehicle utilization based on fuel consumption trends. 

How it works

Set up the integration in minutes: simply enter your Fleetio details into Coast to get the connection up and running.

Once the integration is enabled, Coast fuel transactions are automatically imported to Fleetio. All the transaction details, such as price, gallons purchased, or vehicle information are centralized in Fleetio, allowing you to easily gather crucial insights such as miles per gallon or overall cost per mile of the vehicles. 

At the same time, Fleetio vehicles are automatically synced into Coast, so you can save time by avoiding tedious manual entry of your vehicles.