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How Leros Transportation Group uses data to ensure peak reliability and profitability

Leros relies on Coast and Fleetio to better keep track of its diversified business and make better operational decisions.

Fleet of Leros vehicles

New York-based transportation company Leros is, at its core, a family business, and one that prides itself on dedicated service and a healthy culture. The company has grown since its founding in 1983 to provide ground transportation and chauffeuring services to private and corporate customers in an expansive network of over 700 cities across four continents. Leros needed improved fleet technology to better keep track of its diversified business and make better operational decisions. After evaluating the options, the team chose Fleetio for fleet management, and Coast for its fuel card program.

Unify data in a single dashboard

As a complex global operation, Leros has to utilize a few different services to stay on top of their operations. One of the biggest benefits they found in Fleetio was its ability to integrate seamlessly with fuel card partner Coast.

“The utilization of Fleetio and Coast has really given us visibility into our fleet like we’ve never had before, because it now allows us to take all of our information and look at it in one system with Fleetio,” Cartagena said.

Coast gives fleets of all sizes more control over their fuel expenses and optimizes fuel spend with customizable controls and insights. Linking their fuel data in Coast with their maintenance data in Fleetio empowered Leros to make even more informed decisions around maintenance and fuel budgeting, meaning more savings and an easier reporting and analysis process.

Use data to make better decisions for the fleet


Fleet metrics really matter to Leros, so having a reliable source of truth for all things fleet was a vital measure of success for the company.

“Our whole business is run on data analytics,” Nyikos said. “Whether it’s regarding fleet, it’s regarding fuel, service, on-time performance – everything is based on metrics. And then we take that information and we make ourselves better.”

With Coast and Fleetio powering their data, Leros is able to quickly identify trends in their fleet in real time and apply those learnings to their operation.

“We need the data to make business decisions for the future of our organization, and we will continue to invest in technology in order to be successful in the future,” Nyikos said.