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How JED Transportation Tames Fleet Expenses and Boosts Efficiency with Coast

This luxury chauffeured transportation company managed to minimize fraud and streamline their operations by switching to Coast.


If you’re struggling to keep fleet expenses in check, take a note from JED Transportation‘s success story with Coast. Learn how this luxury chauffeured transportation company in Saint Louis, Missouri, managed to minimize fraud and streamline their operations by switching to Coast from their previous fleet card provider.

Founded in 1967, JED Transportation boasts a fleet of eighty vehicles, including limos, sprinters, limo buses, sedans, SUVs, and twenty motor coaches. With decades of experience in the luxury transportation industry, JED Transportation has established itself as a reputable and reliable service provider in the Saint Louis area. Erin Hutson, one of the owners at JED Transportation, spearheaded the company’s transition to Coast.

Fuel Card Woes Have Costly Consequences

Before making the switch to Coast, JED Transportation relied on their old fuel card for twelve years. Despite their loyalty, they encountered a number of issues, including:

  • Inadequate customer service leading to declined transactions with no explanation
  • Lengthy resolution times for fraud issues, causing financial losses and operational disruptions
  • Delays in card replacement, leaving drivers stranded without fuel
  • Frustrating experiences with customer service representatives who struggled to understand and resolve issues promptly

These challenges not only impacted the company’s bottom line, but also threatened to undermine their reputation for reliability and efficiency. “We would have drivers that couldn’t get fuel, and customer service couldn’t tell us why the card was declining,” Erin says. “It was infuriating at times.”

Reining in Fleet Expenses with Coast

The decision to adopt Coast proved to be a game changer for JED Transportation. Coast addressed their pain points and optimized fleet expenses in a number of ways:

  • Efficient fraud prevention: Coast’s real-time controls provide instant alerts for unauthorized transactions, minimizing the risk of fraud and financial losses. This proactive approach to fraud prevention instilled confidence in JED Transportation’s operations.
  • Streamlined card issuing: Unlike the previous provider, Coast offers immediate card issuing, eliminating the need to wait for replacement cards to arrive by mail. This streamlined process ensures uninterrupted service for drivers, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Coast’s reporting features offer unparalleled transparency and insights into fuel expenses. With user-friendly reports readily accessible, JED Transportation can track and analyze spending patterns, identify areas for optimization, and make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • Ease of use: Drivers at JED Transportation appreciate the simplicity of Coast’s system, which allows them to refuel quickly and efficiently. By texting their information and receiving a card number promptly, drivers can focus on their duties without the hassle of PIN codes or lengthy transactions.
  • Integration with Fleetio: The integration of Coast with Fleetio, JED Transportation’s fleet management software, has further enhanced operational efficiency. This seamless integration facilitates streamlined workflows for the bus division and mechanics, optimizing fleet maintenance and management processes.

“After switching to Coast, our level of confidence really went up because there are real-time controls that we have in place,” says Erin.

Maximizing Savings by Keeping Fleet Expenses in Check

With Coast’s proven benefits, JED Transportation plans to expand its usage across the entire fleet, expecting significant savings and operational improvements. By incorporating Coast’s features into their daily operations, JED Transportation aims to minimize expenses, enhance driver satisfaction, and maintain their reputation as a leading luxury transportation provider.

JED Transportation’s success story exemplifies the transformative impact of Coast on fleet expenses. By prioritizing efficiency, fraud prevention, and user experience, Coast has empowered JED Transportation to  minimize fleet expenses and and optimize their operations. 

Three Ways Coast Helps Manage Fleet Expenses


Enhanced Fraud Protection

Coast customers often say that prior to switching fuel cards, persistent fuel fraud contributed to ballooning fleet expenses – and in JED’s case, they sometimes couldn’t recover the money lost to fraud. Coast’s proprietary SMS check-in system and chip-enabled cards help prevent unauthorized usage and fraudulent purchases. Additionally, users can benefit from up to $25,000 fuel fraud protection when Coast’s unique security settings are enabled.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring and Reporting

Coast offers real-time transaction monitoring to effectively manage fleet expenses. Administrators can track details like fuel grade, number of gallons, and gas station location. All data is conveniently accessible through the user-friendly admin portal, allowing for streamlined expense management and fuel usage reporting.

Integrations With Your Fleet Tools

Coast integrates with top telematics providers so users can proactively block suspicious fuel transactions occurring outside their vehicles, ensuring greater control and security. Additionally, the ability to import fuel transactions into the telematics solution streamlines data management, while automatically collecting odometer data helps gain valuable insights into fuel efficiency and overall fleet expenses.

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