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How a Florida Roofing Company Optimizes Fuel Expenses With Coast

Florida-based Proformance Roofing switched from using corporate credit cards and benefited from greater insight into and control of their business expenses.

Proformance Roofing is a residential roofer that provides installations for 18 of the top 20 national builders. The company operates a 60-vehicle fleet out of five Florida locations.

The Challenge

As COO of Proformance Roofing, Brian Sullivan turned to Coast in search of greater transparency. The company had previously used a corporate credit card that provided no insight into individual transactions or how fueling was tied to business use. The corporate card also made the company vulnerable to fraud.

Describing the main issue they were facing, Brian explained, “We didn’t understand how many miles between transactions, how many gallons were actually going in. What was the cost per gallon? What type of fuel? Was it the right fuel grade that was going in? What were the times of purchases? Were there any outside-of-business-use purchases going on? Really, we didn’t understand the fuel usage at a transactional level.” Issuing a corporate credit card to any employee who drove a company vehicle also presented a problem, butting them at a higher exposure risk of fraud then they were comfortable with.

The Solution

Brian says the switch to Coast provided immediate transparency and control of their fuel expenditures.  His general managers now have complete visibility on a transactional level of all activity around their fuel expenses. “Our GMs are able to control policies that prevent early morning fueling, after-hours fueling, even weekend fueling that shouldn’t be going on. It allows them to control the type of fuel that is going into vehicles, as well as obviously track the mileage to make sure there’s no potential for fraud in any of that usage.”

He also found the portal easy to use and appreciates that transactions are front and center, allowing the company to immediately make adjustments to fit the business better and catch any red flags as they occur.

Transaction Visibility Improves Company’s Productivity

Brian says the Coast fuel card system is “built for the next generation” and praises the ease of use and the flexibility and efficiency it gives his general managers. “Everything from the ordering of the cards to the monitoring to the canceling to the issuing. I mean, all of those things my general managers can do from their phone if need be, and it really just frees up my people to be able to run their business on a little bit quicker pace and it’s not something that really needs to bog them into an office.”

Simple, Painless Transition and Ease of Use

Brian says that the switch to Coast was simple and efficient. He recalls that after meeting with Coast and being given a full rundown of its capabilities, he applied online and was instantly approved. His cards arrived within five days and the set up was very easy.  “It was a quick transition for us and allowed us to move away from the corporate cards into Coast in just over a week.”

Reflecting on his experience, Brian said he looks forward to growing with Coast as they expand their service lines. “Overall, Coast is one of those decisions you make in business that I would definitely encourage other people in my position to make. The transition was simple and painless. The value to our business was great in the transparency. The ease of use is still something I will continue to tout. Coast is continuing to grow their service lines and they fall well in line with a company that is fleet based.”

Proformance Roofing’s switch to the Coast fuel card gave them the transparency they needed and capabilities that made them far more efficient.  The transition was simple and the system is easy to use and fits their business needs.