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How an HVAC Company Gained Complete Visibility Into Their Fuel Expenses

A Los Angeles HVAC contractor needed a fleet expense management portal that was easy to use and that mitigated card misuse.

Serving the greater Los Angeles metro, Canoga Park Heating and Cooling (CPHAC) provides HVAC services for residential and commercial customers.


The Challenge

For Bob Wiseman and the CPHAC admin team, their previous fleet card was so difficult to use that they often avoided running expense reports at all. “It was very cumbersome and it hurt every time we had to interact with it,” says Bob, “We didn’t look at how our guys were using their fuel, because quite honestly, it took too long to do it.”

This became even more of a problem when he discovered some of his guys were abusing their card privileges. Bob knew CPHAC needed to make a change. They needed a fleet expense management portal that was easy to use and mitigated card misuse.

The Solution

After searching for a new fleet expense management platform, Bob discovered Coast at a trade show. He was amazed by how easy it was to find the data he needed to track and analyze fuel expenses. He knew his team would finally be able to get the information they needed to better monitor fuel spend and control their bottom line.

Simplifying Expense Management

Bob and his fellow managers love how easy it was to navigate the Coast portal. Instead of spending hours digging around for data, they can get the information they need in just a few clicks. 

“I’d ask my managers how much time they spent monitoring their gas accounts, and they’d tell me it was too difficult and time-consuming to do,” says Bob, “Now with Coast, we have a simple way to track fuel spend.” 

Mitigating Card Misuse and Controlling Spending

Now that the CPHAC team has a simple, easy portal, they’re proactively monitoring expenses on a daily basis. With complete visibility into who is fueling up where, when, and how much, they can better control their budget. They’re also able to set controls on their cards to avoid overspending. Bob and his team also feel more confident in their ability to stop fuel fraud and card abuse.

The Results

With Coast, Bob and his team no longer avoid running expense reports. They’re able to easily track and manage fleet expenses in the Coast portal. Having total visibility into their fuel expenses not only makes it easy to track card misuse, but it also makes every aspect of their operations smoother.