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How DynaServ ensures compliance with Coast and Samsara

Based in Davie Florida, DynaServ moved their self-performing and affiliate landscaping services from a national payment processing and information management service to Coast’s dedicated fleet fuel cards.

DynaServ is a commercial property landscaper serving clients from casinos and hotels to corporate campuses and industrial parks. The company has a fleet of 180 vehicles serving the state of Florida, as well as affiliates in nine other states across the country.

The Challenge

Roddy Gato is DynaServ’s Manager of Administration. He came on board with the company about a year and a half ago, and almost immediately realized that the fleet card and fuel management service the company was using was very outdated and inefficient. Its reporting capabilities were also extremely limited.

Speaking of the challenges he found using their previous card, Roddy said, “Their user interface on the online portal wasn’t good. It was very cumbersome, and more complicated than it needed to be to use. I found myself trying to look through notes to figure out how to get a specific report or make changes, and it was kind of tough sometimes. It was very complex, not simple at all to make changes to a lot of the systems.” He also found issues with the previous system’s inputs being limited to the keypad at the gas pump. “We’d get guys calling in from the road, saying that they weren’t able to pump gas because either the pump wasn’t working or the keypad wasn’t reading correctly.

The Solution

According to Roddy, Coast’s platform is so user-friendly and offers so many benefits that the transition has worked out really well. Not only did the change immediately eliminate the limitations of the previous platform, but Coast also added several other features and perks that help him save time and money.

“With Coast, the platform is very user-friendly and simple. It’s pretty easy to add, remove, change any of the drivers, any of the vehicles and cards. Coast also offered a discount on fuel purchases across most of the major fuel companies, and that’s something we didn’t have with our previous gas card.”

SMS Feature Means DynaServ Can Quickly Assess and Respond to Issues

One of the features that Roddy most appreciates is that his staff can text him from the pump whenever they’re having problems. He explained that the SMS feature has helped save frustration for a lot of the company’s employees. “We’d get guys calling from the road, saying that they weren’t able to pump gas because either the pump wasn’t working or the keypad wasn’t reading correctly. Using SMS allows you to just ask employees to send you a screenshot.”

“Let’s say I’m away from my desk or not at work at the moment, and I get a phone call from one of my guys asking me about an issue with their card. With Coast I’m able to ask them to take a screenshot of the message that they received and I’m able to quickly decipher what the issue is. It could be something like a wrong tag or odometer reading, or sometimes there’s a language barrier, they may not understand what they’re seeing on a text message. Letting them send me a screenshot makes it easy for me to decipher exactly what’s going on and have them pumping gas right away. So that’s worked out really well.”

Integration with Samsara Was Huge Advantage

Roddy says that Coast’s integration with Samsara, which they were already using, was key. “Just having that connection with Samsara, being able to know where the actual vehicle that has the GPS in it is in relation to the user and the gas card is obviously going to help you determine that your employees are int the right place doing the right thing.” He also appreciated the company’s high level of communication, customer service, and technical savvy. “We are motivated to always be technologically advanced, looking towards the new next best thing. I feel like we’re on par when it comes to business.”

Combining a customer-friendly platform, innovative technology, fuel discounts, and responsive customer service made Coast the right choice for DynaServ. Roddy says, “It can be pretty difficult to find good customer service, which I think can make or break a company. Coast definitely has that in the bag.”