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Fleet And Fuel Cards

Streamline Fuel Management with Telematics and Fuel Card Integration

Learn how a fuel card and telematics integration can power up your fleet analytics.

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As a business operating a fleet of vehicles, you might be looking for cost-effective solutions to streamline your fuel management process. If you’re currently using a fuel card and a telematics solution, you’re already halfway there. Integrating telematics solutions with a fuel card can provide numerous benefits for fleet managers, field service companies, transportation professionals, and businesses operating vehicle fleets.

Key Benefits of integrating Telematics with a Fuel Card

Real-time fuel tracking and reporting 

By integrating telematics solutions with a fuel card, you can track your fuel consumption and expenses in real-time. This provides you with greater visibility and control over your fleet’s fuel usage.

Enhanced control over fuel expenses and efficiency 

With a fuel card, you can set spending limits and restrictions, ensuring that your drivers adhere to your fuel expense policies. This helps you control costs and reduces the risk of unauthorized fuel purchases.

Integration with comprehensive fleet management platforms 

Telematics solutions can seamlessly integrate with comprehensive fleet management platforms, such as Samsara’s, providing you with a centralized dashboard to track and manage all aspects of your fleet, including fuel usage.

Simplified expense tracking and reporting 

By integrating your telematics solutions with a fuel card, you can simplify and automate your expense reporting process. This saves you time and eliminates the hassle of manually collecting and reconciling fuel receipts.

Improved driver behavior and fuel efficiency 

Telematics solutions can provide actionable insights into driver behavior, such as excessive idling or aggressive driving, that can impact fuel efficiency. By combining this data with a fuel card, you have the power to incentivize and coach drivers to adopt more fuel-efficient practices.

How Telematics Solutions and Fuel Cards Work Together

Telematics solutions utilize advanced GPS tracking and real-time data collection to provide fleet managers with valuable insights into their operations. By connecting telematics solutions with a fuel card, fleet managers can gain even greater control over their fuel-related expenses.

Fuel cards are specifically designed for purchasing fuel and work similarly to credit cards. With a fuel card, fleet managers can allocate funds to specific drivers or vehicles, set spending limits, and track fuel purchases in real-time. Fuel cards provide detailed reports on fuel consumption, allowing fleet managers to monitor and analyze fuel usage patterns.

Better fleet data

When you connect your telematics software to a fuel card, you can dramatically improve your fleet operations while ensuring compliance and efficiency. Consider these data points and features: 

Automatic odometer collection

By integrating your telematics software with a fuel card, you can automatically collect odometer readings for every vehicle in your fleet. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accurate and up-to-date mileage information.

Calculate miles per gallon (MPG) for every driver and vehicle

With the combination of telematics software and fuel card data, you can easily calculate the MPG for each driver and vehicle in your fleet. This information helps you identify fuel-efficient driving habits and identify any potential issues that may be causing poor fuel efficiency.

Proactive notifications for fuel tank capacity exceeded

By connecting your telematics software to a fuel card, you can receive proactive notifications when a vehicle’s fuel tank capacity is exceeded. This helps you monitor fuel usage and detect any potential fuel theft or waste. It also enables you to take immediate action, such as contacting the driver or investigating the situation further.

In addition, since telematics data will show where vehicles are at any given time, managers can see whether drivers are spending too much time away from their base location or if they’re taking longer routes than necessary. This information lets managers know where to focus their training efforts and spot potential problems before they become major issues.

Take Control of Your Fuel Management

Overall, the integration of telematics software and a fuel card provides you with valuable insights into your fleet’s operations, improves fuel efficiency, and enables you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your fleet management. For more information on how telematics and fuel card integration can benefit your fleet, check out the telematics integrations offered by Coast.