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Fleet & Fuel Cards

Meet the smartest Visa® fleet and fuel card yet

Smarter security and controls, better visibility into expenses, and optimized fuel spend across your fleet. That’s Coast.
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gas pump

Accepted anywhere

Use for fuel and fleet expenses anywhere that accepts Visa.

Coast security

Customizable controls

Set spend policies by driver, department, or vehicle and get real-time exception alerts.

Coast virtual cards

Assign new cards in seconds

Never wait for a replacement card again with interchangeable, reassignable cards.

gas station partners

Fuel up at any gas station that accepts Visa®

Coast can be used for fuel and fleet expenses at any gas station or truck stop where Visa is accepted, meaning your drivers can fill up at the least expensive, most convenient station.


Save 6¢ on every gallon at Casey's

Coast customers save 6¢ per gallon at Casey’s and 2¢ on every gallon on their statement from other gas stations nationwide.

Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
"I had an employee come in who had a card stolen. Within two minutes, I had turned off the old card, assigned them a new card, and they had already gotten a text that the new card was active. The product speaks for itself."

Katelyn Machen

HR Manager, Gillette Air Conditioning

Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters
"The Coast portal is very intuitive. You can put vehicles in. You can put personnel in. You can put limitations on those accounts, and it's easy to come back in and make changes."

Stewart Masterson

President, Texas Solar Outfitters

Coast Testimonial: Cam Energy
"After seven years, [our previous fuel card company] still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month."

Christian S.

Manager, CAM Energy

Coast Testimonial: Tristate Plumbing
"We now have timely data about who's filling up with gas, how frequently they're filling up with gas, and we're able to have controls in place so that we don't have to find out retroactively that we're overspending on gas."

Will Breslaw

COO, Tristate Plumbing

Katelyn Machen
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Stewart Masterson
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Christian S.
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Will Breslaw
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Coast Customer: Proformance Roofing
Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters
Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
Cam Energy Logo
Coast Testimonial: Tristate Plumbing
Coast Testimonial: Four Twelve Roofing

With Coast, you set the rules

No matter how many vehicles you have, it’s important to take full control of your fleet — set limits, issue cards, and authorize payments in a few clicks.

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Set limits and rules

Order and assign cards

Authorize payments

security alerts

Stop abuse and fraud - fast

We’ll alert you of risky transactions so you can set rules and stop fraud before it can impact your business.

Fair, transparent fleet and fuel payments

With Coast, you know exactly what you’re getting with fair and transparent pricing. And, you get 2¢ off every gallon on your statement, no matter where you fill up.

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Per active user, per month

  • apply

    Apply in minutes

  • gallon

    2¢ off per gallon

  • guarantee

    No personal guarantee


Flexible Cards & Customizable Controls

  • Restrict purchases to fuel only
  • Add additional expense categories (such as parking or maintenance)
  • Get real-time expense tracking and exception alerts
  • Easily authorize/reject one-off policy exceptions
  • Set custom rules for different employees, department, and vehicles
  • Limit spending by time-of-day, day-of-the-week
  • Set caps on transaction amounts
  • Restrict fuel types and grades

Fees we DON’T charge

  • NO per-gallon administration fee

  • NO higher late fees for high balances

  • NO electronic payments fee


NO check processing fee

  • NO reporting fee

  • NO inactive card fee

  • NO phone payment fee

  • NO per-transaction fees in the US
Coast Pay

Boost security for your business

Coast lets you track everything, so you can see where and when your vehicles are being used. You’ll also get alerts about suspicious transactions, and can lock a card in one click.

Track who uses Coast, for what

See which driver is using a card, and for which vehicle, for any transaction — even when a card is shared by multiple drivers or vehicles.

fuel transactions

Authorize payments in seconds

Forget reimbursements for work-related expenses. Set spend limits and approve purchases in seconds on your dashboard.

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Say goodbye to paper receipts

Tired of asking drivers to remember the receipt? With Coast, you’ll automatically receive records of fuel transactions — meaning you can keep track of every dollar spent.

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visa fuel card

A card for the whole team

Quickly assign rules for vehicles and drivers. Coast will then apply those rules on any card that’s used to make a purchase.

coast reporting app

Your fleet expenses at your fingertips

Coast’s easy-to-use spend management platform puts your entire fleet in your hands, with full visibility into every dollar you’re spending on your fleet.

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Customer Stories

Coast Testimonial: Four Twelve Roofing
Cam Energy Logo
CW Austin Logo
Drivers weren't getting to the jobs until after they were already supposed to be there. Two hours once a week for 40 people — it was a mess. We did the math and we’re saving anywhere from $50K to $100K switching from a [major fuel brand] fuel card.
Sam F. Owner, Four Twelve Roofing
Our previous vendor was charging us $1600 every month in fuel card fees. After we moved over to Coast, those fees weren’t there anymore.
Christian S.Manager, CAM Energy
It wasn’t convenient to have to find a BP station every time my drivers needed to fill up when we had a BP card. I needed a fuel card my drivers could use without having to search for a specific gas station. Using Coast cuts out all that wasted time and helps my drivers complete jobs faster.
DeAnn G.Owner, C. W. Austin, Shredding Company