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Credit Report Authorization


Credit Report Authorization 


By checking the box and continuing with the prequalification process, you instruct and authorize us to obtain one or more credit reports (also known as consumer reports) and other information about you and the Company from consumer reporting agencies and/or other third party sources for the purposes of: 


  • Evaluating the Company’s request for prequalification and application for a Coast account;
  • Administering and servicing the Company’s Coast account (if approved); and
  • Offering the Company financial products and services. 


You understand and acknowledge that we will use this information to evaluate whether to offer the Coast card to the Company, rather than to you in your personal capacity.  Upon your request, we will inform you whether or not a consumer report was obtained and the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished the report. You understand that, after evaluating your request for prequalification and/or the Company’s complete application, we may decide not to offer the Coast card to the Company.  


You also understand and acknowledge that this written instruction and authorization permits Coast to make multiple “soft inquiries” for your consumer credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies. This soft inquiry will not impact your credit score and you are not providing a personal guarantee. Coast will not report information about you or the Company’s Coast account to consumer reporting agencies.