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Telematics Integration

Improve your fleet efficiency with Coast and OneStep GPS

Combine the power of telematics with the precision of a smart fleet card: protect your business against fuel card fraud and get more precise fuel-efficiency data.
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OneStep GPS

Block fraudulent transactions with GPS protection

Stop worrying about card theft or drivers filling up their own vehicles. Prevent fraud and misuse by automatically declining transactions happening far away from the vehicle.

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Hands-free fuel efficiency insights

Get full visibility into your vehicle fuel efficiency to address maintenance issues or poor driving behaviors faster. Coast matches OneStep GPS’s odometer data to your fuel transactions, so you can easily keep an eye on the miles per gallon consumption of your vehicles.

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Avoid double entry and keep your systems in sync

Say goodbye to disjointed processes. Automatically import OneStep GPS vehicles into Coast to avoid duplicate work and keep your systems synced at all times.

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