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Fleets like yours are saving with Coast

Coast customers report saving an average of 10% on their fuel bills after switching from their previous fuel payment method.1

We are now saving $50,000 per year

“We are now saving $50,000 per year and 15 hours per month with Coast.”

Lance Baggett, Assistant Controller

Letsos Company Mechanical Contractors

We are saving about 8-10%

"We are saving about 8-10% from what we were spending with our previous fleet card provider”

Jeff Greene, President

Greene Worldwide Transportation

Coast has saved us thousands

“Coast has saved us thousands by eliminating fuel fraud and misuse. Plus, their system is easier to use.”

Jeff N, President

Limousine Company

Coast has been an amazing asset to our business

"Efficient and flexible program that has cut our costs from other fleet/fuel programs."

Tammie B, Account Manager

Building Materials Company


"Coast has transformed our fuel management and spending habits!"

Natascha C, Administrator

Construction Company

Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month

"After seven years, our previous fuel card still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month."

Christian Sivio, Manager

CAM Energy